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Fraternities and sororities

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Psi Upsilon. Today, these organizations (fraternities and sororities) are known collectively as the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), and emphasize public service and civil rights. Some non-NPHC Black fraternal organizations, such as the Swing Phi Swing and Groove Phi Groove , do not solely use Greek letters in their names. A fraternity or sorority is a brotherhood or sisterhood formed around common goals and aspirations.

15. Of ISU's 37 fraternities and 24 sororities, six are under probationary status. 2015-12-03 · Fraternities and sororities have been associated with colleges and universities since the 1700's.

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Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. Multicultural Sororities/Fraternities. Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. - www. Corazones Unidos Siempre/Chi Upsilon Sigma Latin Sorority,  Our mission is to advocate for fraternities and sororities within the NIU community , and we will continue to do so this fall as we work together on ways to promote  The American college Greek-letter societies, consisting of fraternities and sororities, remain a popular form of association for students on college campuses in  What is Fraternity & Sorority Life? Fraternities and sororities have a long and important tradition as part of American higher education.

Fraternities and sororities

Recognition allows chapters to have a relationship with the university along with active membership and involvement in the Greek system and its governing boards. Fraternities and sororities synonyms, Fraternities and sororities pronunciation, Fraternities and sororities translation, English dictionary definition of Fraternities and sororities. n. Informal A college fraternity. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition.
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Fraternities and sororities

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Today, these organizations exist as values-based organizations for men and women to provide academic support and friendship, as well as opportunities for service and leadership development.
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The members that form a fraternity or sorority share their efforts, friendship, and knowledge. Together they learn, grow, and make the fraternity or sorority, commonly called a Greek organization, stronger. A Drunken Hazing, a Fatal Fall and a Cornell Fraternity’s Silence.

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Collectively, fraternities and sororities constitute one of the largest student groups on campus, and membership makes up about 8.5 % of the undergraduate population. Fraternities and sororities are about friendships, scholarship, community service, philanthropy, advocacy, brotherhood, sisterhood and leadership. Fraternities & sororities have been part of the University’s history dating back to the time of Trinity College.